tiistai 30. kesäkuuta 2015

Quickdate, million and a quarter

Just to drop in these photos: Assembled FV 4101 Charioteer, or Tstpsv Charioteer Mk.VII Mod.B. Will propably add some small details (bags, luggage, stuff like that) before painting this, propably going with model 83 winter modified "splintern" camo, or go with OD hastily overpainted with chalk-white. 

Left the smoke launcher off on purpose, after all in 1985 these things would have been in long time storage-status for a few years allready, and the actual shape of launchers is quite fragile. Im not completely happy with the shape of the turret, it turned out to be a bit too small (correct lenght, roughly correct height but should have been few millimeters wider), but it will do.

maanantai 29. kesäkuuta 2015

Hello Darkness, where have I been?

Well, exactly. During the past year Ive been, once again, terribly busy - this time, with my school. Started my "summer job" few weeks back, and I have had some actual time to carry on my projects.
To be honest, I havent done a lot of painting during this year, but quite a few of "left hand builds", sadly having once again my main interest towards cold war, not Afrika. Not much of a gaming has been going around (latest game was before christmast), and most of the time I find myself metagaming upcoming Battlegroup NORTHAG which, hopefuly, lets me mount my whole mech-VDV platoon with assets!

But few pictures, just to keep this blog by somehow interesting.

Somethingsomething from the cold war-front - scratch-built conversion turning plastic soldier company cromwell into Charioteer TD! For my (more) winter forces, naturaly :P Turret plastic card, hull cut down/modified PSC cromwell and barrel from RB, cant call exactly what this was but some of their 1:72 tank barrels. Made the choice by lenght and rough calibre. This is pretty much ready build (now), will try to remember to post actual pic from it then.
One of the guntrucks for my PMC-force - yes, for Afrika! Based on QRF:s IDF-truck, with scratch-built benches, PP driver, battlefront (?) DShKM and PSC turret ring. In the backround, M5-halftrack based ARV very much WIP.

Long story short - will try to make more "small" updates in future, so the spaces between updates would be less than a year.. Got some of my winter-CWGH inf in paint allready, I try to get few good snaps.

maanantai 27. lokakuuta 2014

Been a while..

First of all, Im very sorry about that.

Simply been quite busy during this year (from last post on), even though my daily work turned into a rather on-off-affair, I still had quite lot to do. Few masters Ive been working on (still havent progressed with that Mi-2) along with local gaming clubs spring-project which deadline roams closer and closer. And last but not least, Im still lacking good enough conditions for decent photos.
Oh. And I started studies too this autumn - in christmast 2017 I hopely walk out from the facility with certified nurse degree in my hand, and with some luck, make my way into position of EMT.

Been busy with the afrika too, my local UN starts to be in its initial strenght, in size of platoon plus APCs, few light tanks and some odds and ends. Also, PMC got some extra boots to the ground too, nothing fancy though. And oldy-goldies, now finished and at least I got some sort of photos taken.

Dont mind the tires, the "spill" aint nearly that bad IRL in the vehicle left

PMC FMVs (Fire Mobility Vehicles) or something like that, pretty much nothing but techicals. Im still working with other two, other one being recoilles rifle armed and last one being land rover based.

In addition Ive been working with few trucks + heavy technical/DPV, based on VLRA-type light-medium truck, similiar in role like the earlier posted unimog. Few casual trucks too, and some rumours have been going around about some contractor flown Mi-24As..

Oh. And the sneak peek: This is what my PMC-vitrine looks like now - all minis which have their painting started are stored there, with exception of small amount of infantry which were, during the taking of that picture, still in varnishing line at my desk.

Sorry about the poor light. 

Oh - and oldiegoldies! Posted this image into facebook few months back, and that Saladin is very much VIP still as we speak. Basicaly its QRFs Saladin (less excelling model from them), with Zvezda Matador wheels (like in my later Saracen APC) and slightly modified turret from BFs vietnam range ANZACs M113 FSV-set.

At the backround, the only thing which actually has progressed during the last few months - BFs T-28, quite horrible in both accuracy and quality, especially in case of turret.

keskiviikko 20. marraskuuta 2013


Yesterday I started working with MRC, or Mawusian Royal Constabulary, patrol for our campaign games opening, which is modelled after scenario "Down on the Farm" (which can be found from Ambush Alley-games excellent FoF-sourcebook "Bush Wars"). I will upload our variant in some point, but expect nothing fancy.

I didnt want to take pictures of unpainted and mostly unconverted (okay, headswaps - but we dont count that!) PPs figures, so instead I decided to post a part of something Ive been working with lately - part of arsenal to be seen in Sino-Russian borderconflict, timelining from ultra-modern to close future, officially me and "Mr. China" decided it "will happen" in 2016. So, here it is:

Its Zvezdas (rather excellent, but sadly quite simplified) "Hot War 1990"-series 1:100 T-72B m89 or 88. Bought to standard of modern day russian army (or to be exact, T-72BA1)  by adding TCs NSV (From Eureka), IR-searchlight and accurate commander hatch overall. I also reshaped the rangefinder (?), added smoke launchers (not too happy with them, but will do), wind meter being part of upgraded FCS and redid main guns mantlet. Not visible in picture, but I also added "tracklog" - I was not too happy with the OOB-version included.

As we are going to get that campaign started, much of my interests will be towards Afrika in weeks to come, but I will definetly keep the "Russian Project" running alongside it.

maanantai 18. marraskuuta 2013

Quickdate vol.15 (and half)

Nothing special - I have had sleeping problems recently, and few nights back I was a) awake in 0200 b) clear-minded enough to let myself go near painting station.

I manage to do quite a lot of stuff (though tone primings and assembly - but hey, it need to be done!) then, but didnt actually finish anything. I managed to get some painted weatherings to IrishSerbs (rather awesome - highly recommended!) ERC-90 F4 Sagaie. I still need to do some colour blendings and play around with dusts and pigments, but in terms of general colour scheme it is ready.

Again, sorry about less hi-qu picture - must say, I am missing school and "the perfect light".

Also, it seems that something (fluidy) has ended up to the lense of my camera, no idea how to remove it (as I dont even see it!) but I am working on it.

torstai 31. lokakuuta 2013

Inflation, Escalation, and so on.

Again, its been way too long since last blog entry, but I havent rested:

Sorry, no pics this time, but something else - Ive been kinda tied down to other projects (both cold war and ultramodern/close future), but I have given some attention to Afrika too. first of all, we are having new gamer, and faction to rumble Mawusian soil.
As I graduated (..and "one of us" started/continued his military service..) my meetings with other fellow Afrika-gamers did become a bit harder, we have still manage to game few matches, ending commonly to victory of the insurgents, though my mercenaries managed to push hard and defeat them in our latests showdown.

But about that new faction:
One of the more arabish tribes of Mawusia has been active for long in areas around great lake, but only after mass-deseration (due to months of unpaid salaries) in local garrison, and after that pseudo-religious faction "Sons of (the) King" ransacked that empty garrisons depot and armory, it become far more serious threat to all conflict belligrents. After multiple requests of laying down their arms and even attempts of disarmament, six peacekeepers had lost their lives and many were wounded. It was only then when UN announced that Sons of King, or SOK or Sierra Kilo as known in military sector, has been added to list of illegal armed forces operating in Mawusia - and as a response, West Prussian UN-Battallion were transferred from the western province to assist local law enforcement and Afrikan UN-units.

But I did have some actuall stuff - again, sorry about my english:

Both UNIFIM (United Nudities Interim Force In Mawusia) and Mercenary (Privateer Security International Ltd.) factions Intelbriefings, in PDF formate, for Force on Force. UNIFIM one includes both,  West-Prussian and "local" (=Afrikan) peacekeepers along local lawenforcement (MRC - Mawusian Royal Constabulary) - the Mercs booklet includes all major formations deployed by Privateer in Mawusian theatre. Please note, that eventhough being labeled as 2.0, this are still under WIP-status, and that will, most likely, explain largest inconsistencies - also, the PDF lacks attribute "Shrinkage" from the MRCs section.

Yeah, links:

Privateer Security International Ltd. - from Dropbox

 UNIFIM - from Dropbox

Also, all graphic material included in those briefings is purely for demontration only and I own no rights towards them etc etc. Though what comes to text, thats completely my own - so please be advised, if you want to spread them from some other source than download-link above, please let me know, or even preferrable, dont do it as my work is still in beta-phase.

I have started working with small MRC-band and around platoon strenght of "local" peace keepers, which shall be mounted in Irish Serbs rather wonderfull looking M3 Armoured Cars - and Im still doing bit of a wrestling with their gear, that APC is sure as hell, but obsolete MBT (as QRF just today informed me via their newsletter that they are going to drop their post war and modern stuffs prices in early november!) is still bit open as Im temptated by Vickers Mk3 or some arab-chieftain (or even Mk2 chieftain!) but also some light-tank support which, a bit sadly, has kept disappearing from battlefields, like AMX-13 and PT-76.

I shall return, and hopefully, with pics!

torstai 4. heinäkuuta 2013

It been quiet - too quiet.

Long time no see, long time no hear, so call me again and..

Yeah - even though I managed to do some progress in 15mm front during the spring, I was awfully busy with armored museums custom scale model (which was also my final work), 1:16 Ft-17 c.1930 of the Finnish Armed Forces armored squadron, built from scratch. I did it, and Im still proud as hell - neverthless to say, I also graduated due to that project. Like allways, it was "free of charge" studentwork with only material expenses to be paid by my customer (in this work, Im quite sure I cant tell the exact price, but it wasnt much), and I must admit, that when you do ~14k € work for free, it kinda kills you inside :D

But yeah - if you visit Armored Museum of Parola here in Finland sometime, please, lay your glaze into museums scale model collection too - this (and few other large scratch-builts) can be found from there.

And now, Im a professional model builder too :)

But yeah, thats about that - my local gaming club had annual "weekend of existentric tabletopgames" in less-urban enviroment, and again, it was rather enjoyable weekend with less-played games, new (and old) people, sauna, lake and long gaming related conversations after few beers in saunas terrace. Ofc, I brought small game along me, sadly I have not gained any photos from the gaming enviroment itself from our official photographer, I shall post them when I receive them.

But what did I brought with me to that happening? Favourite skirimish ofc, my Afrika-mod to Force on Force, or FoF. I really couldnt make much variation, and the scenario we played was from Day of The Ranger, the "Q-truck", where mercenaries hunted down marauding Mawusian pirates using kind of a trojan horse-strategy. I really didint need new figures for the mercs, with exception of LMG, so I got few jungle-brits with Bren from PP , then I did some headswaps and straightened the mag, and Voilà, we have L4A4.

But the main effort was to paint enough pirates for that - Im quite sure I will expand that range with few technicals and rubber boats, and maybe even a improvised gun truck. Anyway, its totally in "Category X" what comes to expanding it.

Two groups of militia, and in front row there is squadfull of former military servicemen. And in the back, Peter Pigs fuel station accessories, with modular base used in my demo table.

 I had conversation with other members of our campaign, and after that I ended up starting "Rogue General"-style army next - solely with soviet equipment, at least the real steel is going to be: AKMs, T-34s, T-55s and BTR-50s/BMP-1s. So its kind of a total opposite of my PMC force, as PMC is completely wheeled, quite flexible and with only light to medium assets - and mostly obsolete ones - but well trained and relatively well supplied. What the Mawusian 8th Armored Brigade (the former name of my rogue generals unit) is going to be, is to move from place to place with tracks, and prefer brute force over actual skill or complex tactics. So quite poor in terms of iniative, but at least they have artillery and MBT-support available.
Eventhough Im still drawing lines for that army, and I havent made any actual purschases yet.

But my another project which is still kinda PiP, the Rooikat:

As mentioned, still Painting In Progress, but it takes shape - its imaginary version (Rooikat 90), fitted with same french-origin high-velocity 90mm gun found from ERC-90 too.

Next in the pipeline are AML-60, and final PMC squad - and one technical, at least. Though Im working with cold war brits too atm, so it might take time `cos I fell in love with old glorys (or skytrex) FV432- fantastic casts, to be said!