maanantai 29. kesäkuuta 2015

Hello Darkness, where have I been?

Well, exactly. During the past year Ive been, once again, terribly busy - this time, with my school. Started my "summer job" few weeks back, and I have had some actual time to carry on my projects.
To be honest, I havent done a lot of painting during this year, but quite a few of "left hand builds", sadly having once again my main interest towards cold war, not Afrika. Not much of a gaming has been going around (latest game was before christmast), and most of the time I find myself metagaming upcoming Battlegroup NORTHAG which, hopefuly, lets me mount my whole mech-VDV platoon with assets!

But few pictures, just to keep this blog by somehow interesting.

Somethingsomething from the cold war-front - scratch-built conversion turning plastic soldier company cromwell into Charioteer TD! For my (more) winter forces, naturaly :P Turret plastic card, hull cut down/modified PSC cromwell and barrel from RB, cant call exactly what this was but some of their 1:72 tank barrels. Made the choice by lenght and rough calibre. This is pretty much ready build (now), will try to remember to post actual pic from it then.
One of the guntrucks for my PMC-force - yes, for Afrika! Based on QRF:s IDF-truck, with scratch-built benches, PP driver, battlefront (?) DShKM and PSC turret ring. In the backround, M5-halftrack based ARV very much WIP.

Long story short - will try to make more "small" updates in future, so the spaces between updates would be less than a year.. Got some of my winter-CWGH inf in paint allready, I try to get few good snaps.

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