keskiviikko 20. marraskuuta 2013


Yesterday I started working with MRC, or Mawusian Royal Constabulary, patrol for our campaign games opening, which is modelled after scenario "Down on the Farm" (which can be found from Ambush Alley-games excellent FoF-sourcebook "Bush Wars"). I will upload our variant in some point, but expect nothing fancy.

I didnt want to take pictures of unpainted and mostly unconverted (okay, headswaps - but we dont count that!) PPs figures, so instead I decided to post a part of something Ive been working with lately - part of arsenal to be seen in Sino-Russian borderconflict, timelining from ultra-modern to close future, officially me and "Mr. China" decided it "will happen" in 2016. So, here it is:

Its Zvezdas (rather excellent, but sadly quite simplified) "Hot War 1990"-series 1:100 T-72B m89 or 88. Bought to standard of modern day russian army (or to be exact, T-72BA1)  by adding TCs NSV (From Eureka), IR-searchlight and accurate commander hatch overall. I also reshaped the rangefinder (?), added smoke launchers (not too happy with them, but will do), wind meter being part of upgraded FCS and redid main guns mantlet. Not visible in picture, but I also added "tracklog" - I was not too happy with the OOB-version included.

As we are going to get that campaign started, much of my interests will be towards Afrika in weeks to come, but I will definetly keep the "Russian Project" running alongside it.

maanantai 18. marraskuuta 2013

Quickdate vol.15 (and half)

Nothing special - I have had sleeping problems recently, and few nights back I was a) awake in 0200 b) clear-minded enough to let myself go near painting station.

I manage to do quite a lot of stuff (though tone primings and assembly - but hey, it need to be done!) then, but didnt actually finish anything. I managed to get some painted weatherings to IrishSerbs (rather awesome - highly recommended!) ERC-90 F4 Sagaie. I still need to do some colour blendings and play around with dusts and pigments, but in terms of general colour scheme it is ready.

Again, sorry about less hi-qu picture - must say, I am missing school and "the perfect light".

Also, it seems that something (fluidy) has ended up to the lense of my camera, no idea how to remove it (as I dont even see it!) but I am working on it.