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Yesterday I started working with MRC, or Mawusian Royal Constabulary, patrol for our campaign games opening, which is modelled after scenario "Down on the Farm" (which can be found from Ambush Alley-games excellent FoF-sourcebook "Bush Wars"). I will upload our variant in some point, but expect nothing fancy.

I didnt want to take pictures of unpainted and mostly unconverted (okay, headswaps - but we dont count that!) PPs figures, so instead I decided to post a part of something Ive been working with lately - part of arsenal to be seen in Sino-Russian borderconflict, timelining from ultra-modern to close future, officially me and "Mr. China" decided it "will happen" in 2016. So, here it is:

Its Zvezdas (rather excellent, but sadly quite simplified) "Hot War 1990"-series 1:100 T-72B m89 or 88. Bought to standard of modern day russian army (or to be exact, T-72BA1)  by adding TCs NSV (From Eureka), IR-searchlight and accurate commander hatch overall. I also reshaped the rangefinder (?), added smoke launchers (not too happy with them, but will do), wind meter being part of upgraded FCS and redid main guns mantlet. Not visible in picture, but I also added "tracklog" - I was not too happy with the OOB-version included.

As we are going to get that campaign started, much of my interests will be towards Afrika in weeks to come, but I will definetly keep the "Russian Project" running alongside it.

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  1. big question (because I am doing the same project too...) what you will use for the Chinese armor? do you know if someone has 15mm type 99 in the making?

  2. Im not actually sure what Mr. China had on his mind - this was meant to be, at the very beginning at least, very much infantry based campaign, but more we looked into it, it became clear we need to include vehicles to make it more interesting.

    Though he did sent me a small list in some point about what he wanted me to include (I redid all/most vehicular and weapon statlines for FoF as the book/motor pool ones arent exact enough IMO), at least type 86 IFV was in it, and as it (the model) is easily available (as the basic version which is the most numerous one too is quite 1:1 with BMP-1) and still quite common in armoured units infantry batallions.
    Im having Type 92 APC&IFV master on the pipeline, but I really have no idea how/where I can cast it - not to mention, its way too WIP to even discus about such thing.

    Curiously enough, I didnt include Type 99 at all - Type 96/96 A/G is included though, but like with the type 99, AFAIK nobody really produces them. Khurasan has some limited range TBA (type 59 at least), but the ultra-modern section is quite empty I afraid.

  3. well, a friend of mine happened to be a PLA tank officer (well I have strange frequentations, some time ago I even got a crush for a PLA officer... but she was already engaged and I think she did not like me soo much...) and i told me the Type99 is more common than the Type96. Type 86 is common (and he told me very bad stories about them...) but is being supplanted by the new IFV based on the BMP-3 (Type 97/ZBD-97). now we have just to find someone producing them in 15mm... I am in your same quandary, you can do an infantry based campaign, but MBT and IFV tend to appear very often anyway... Once I beggeg mr Khurasan but he told me he will not do vehicles for someone else infantry... now it is only Geoff at QRF...

    1. Yup, and even if george would pick up the job, it would take long enough that new type would be out.. :D After all, IIRC I saw Type 92 APCs 3D model more than a year ago in TMP.

      I based a lot of chinese specs into this - I have no idea how valid it is, but as there really aint options for any "real" MBT (as nobody does them after type 69 which a) mostly for export b) horrible model) it didnt bother me, and on the other hand, Type 96 was far more easier to stat out - capabilities of Type 99 tend still be a bit of a mystery.

  4. Working on a chinaforce myself, unfortunately for you I think 20mm and 28mm are really where its at ultra modern Sino-wise at the moment.