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Finaly, pictures!

Been a while sine the last update - been busy re-organizing my VDV for Cold War Gone Hot.

Must say, that if there is some more well kept secret in former soviet bloc than the VDV organisation at the late 1980`s, Im not sure do I want to know it.. Literaly, its been thrue hell and fire to found few comparable TO&E tables, and none of them was excatly what I looked for! Anyway, got some time for Afrika project as well.

My prototype Merc squad, five men:

Quite "international" unit, I tried to give them much more multicultural feeling than the two other "homogenous" armies of the campaign are having, as the U-N peacekeepers are european, and the african tribesmen are, well, local folk alltogether.

Most of the mercs are wearing (former) uniform or service item of some sort, so theres going to be a great mix of different camos and gears together.

Oh, and one (oldish) WIP picture too:

As I mentioned earlier (or did I?) most of the merc operations include Unimog RPV (Recoinassance & Patrol Vehicle), soft skin (or up-armored soft skin) with good carrying capacity and HMG (on AA mount) on top of the cabin.
The model is conversion from Peter Pigs Unimog, shame I didnt take any more pics, as you may notice the vehicle is "hard top" variant - not totally happy to the result, but Im still having few tries left as Im going to need at least two of these babies.

For armored support, Im working with PPs Panhard AML-90 armored with minor modifications and two Quick Reaction Forces APC, (allmost) modern Alvis Saracen :P Still not sure what to do with the saracen, I propably remove the rear GPMG and upscale the frontal turret, not so keen with the hitting power and size of the "main gun" - after all, its mostly the toughest thing mercs can bring in to battle, so Im propably going to scale up the turret and equip it with HMG or AGL, OR the I remove the turret alltogether (wich makes the usage harder, thanks to the Force on Forces unbuttoned-rule, but looks kinda badass) and mount the PPs American HMMWV gunners (with headswap) on the place.

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