keskiviikko 2. toukokuuta 2012

Quickdate - another merc squad. Got 3rd squad readied up for painting, but that may take some time as our campaign is in the point where mercenary "special forces" break the stalemate and free the peacekeeper POWs which were taken in one of our first matches.

Im waiting those spec-ops to arrive from postal office this week, as the order from PP was despatched @ thursday. Going to use these as a basis for them, with advanced weaponry, heavy body armor (+2D) and something special which will come up from the pics then ;)

But yeah, that and the fact Im working with cold war mega-battle (which is closing in) propably makes me to take a break from Afrika and concentrating on finishing the Berlin suburb Polizei-platoon and my VDV troops.

And the squad leader, in Belgian "jigsaw" camogear and with FN-FAL rifle. From PPs vietnam range, australian SAS if I remember correctly.

Back to work, got 15 VDV troopers to finish tonight :)

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