keskiviikko 5. syyskuuta 2012

Back to School..

..and back into photographing studio :D

So summers out, and back to routines - must admit that I didnt do much of a modelling during my holidays, and even less I tried to take photos in my poorly lighted flat..

But yeah, I got something made, after all, first of the the Unimog DPVs is ready and willing to fight.

Thats Peter Pigs excellent Unimog truck right there, with some medium modifications - the canvas was quite horrible, I must admit, fitted poorly and required a lot of cleaning up - thou, when seen in price-quality comparision, this is is pretty much perfect for anyone who requires large umbers of medium/light trucks. But yeah, about the modifications - the orginal is "soft" version, with canvas cockpit. This one got hardened, it flattened the roof with putty and added "full" doors from plasticard. The HMG is PPs Dushka. Im not happy to the front either, I still have one of these babies WIP, I propably add rolled tarpaulin or winch in front of the vehicle so the drivelights and cooler intake would be covered..
So this is the mercs vehicle brought in when the "Guntrucks!"-fog card is drawn.

Whoooops, I slipped sum PIPs here :D

But yeah, there you can see PMCs medium support AML90 armored car, and basic "fireforce" APC, the modified Alvis Saracen. The Saracen is QRFs work, (AML from PP) and like most of the time when it comes to the QRFs products, it was decent, but required quite a lot of cleaning. Fex. the wheelcenters needed to be covered due to the large amount of miscast, and the sides of the passenger comparement were like, well, the very casual daywalk thrue hell and fire to clean.. But Im trying to get these finished ASAP, as our "mega" game is ~1 month ahead, and Im going to need my helisupport and parabat-mercs in paint too!
For those who are interested, I reworked the hatches for saracen, largened the turret and replaced the L7 GPMG with trustfull workhorse; Dushka! So this baby is going to be closer some sort of light IFV than actuall APC due to the lack of AT weapons of insurgents.

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