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Long time no see, long time no ABC..

Sorry about the long silence, thou Ive been making progress with stuff, Ive not been able to take decent pictures of them :P Thou I still decided to release all of those which Ive posted into the finnish wargaming community allready, even if not so professional quality.
But yeah, just got word from irishserb that my package is leavin soon, and PPs order was dispatched yesterday - so my medium support, AFV-crews and objective markers are on their way.

But about my force:

I re-did my organisation few days back, and went more british-like organisation, thou its still more adhoc and down-scaled. lso Ive decided to add some CAS as soon as I find some suitable "old school" ground attack planes, A-1 Skyraider would be a jackpot alongside Pucara. Thou my greatest hope is Hellers 1:100 Alize ASW plane, which would be pretty much perfect; Old, but long serving tool of the trade, requires quite short TO&landing area and was less sensitive when it comes to the brushing of the airstrip..

But yeah, models:

AML-90, my main light-vehicle support alongside the AML-60. We re-made the stats for afrika, and this baby is more AT-capable, the mortar variant got upgunned AP stats so there would be some reason to even use it - alongside the indirect capabilities..
The model is from Peter Pig, and it was rather nice model for 4,5£ (around 5€ during purschase), and didnts equire a lot of cleaning. Im not so happy with the paintjob thou, I think I kinda overdid the chipping.
The transfer is from some random "we-dont-mention-that-gothic-scifi-game-over-here" sheet, and Im not so pleased on that either. The tires are weathered with tamiyas products.

The groupshot, along the old squad organisation of 2 fire teams with own GPMGs and LAWs.

And here starts the poor quality pics - the "ParaBats", airborne mercenaries which are more uniform unit than the "regulars". When fighting against irregs in COIN, these guys are the top call, alongside the "Tier 1" special forces. Those are ready too, but I think they have some kind of magical "specfor" aura as every picture I took from them was more or less blurred.. :D So sorry about the pic quality, should base these babies too,

Some PIP shots from their ride:

Im rather happy to the effect on glass, thou I took quite massive artistic freedoms from reality, didnt do much of a blending there.  Its UH-1B from Flames of War: Vietnam range - my local gamestore decided to drop them out from their quantities so they were -40% off. Couldnt resist, also picked up some M48s and M113 for my Cold War Heim-Schutzh Brigaden - must admit that M48 was "less easy" to turn up into M48A2G2..
The weapon load of this Hog was left off, I propably use those on my spare QRF OH-6 Loach to create some sort of adhoc firesupport chopper - after Ive repaired that into modelling condition. Must admit, it was propably one of the most horrific QRFs products Ive ever laid my hands on. Its quite literally covered with tamiyas putty and liquid greenstuff, and due to the small size, Im having difficulties to decide how to mount it in regular flying pole.. The FoW chopper-base/stick is way too big for it.

And for last, as a small easter egg, my "Objective" marker - the Embassador of some unidentified country, being maliciously harrashed time after time by irregulars and former army regulars in service of rebelling generals.. And time after time, being mostly saved by PMC or UN.

Dont mind the dust on top of that MB - didnt notice that before taking the pictures, but after I checked those out I sweeped it off and took the pictures below.

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