keskiviikko 12. joulukuuta 2012

Quickdate vol.2

Been busy with my FoW soviets last weeks (Argh, multibased figures, argh), but this monday I received package from irishserb so the WW2 shall move to the background, at least for a few days..

About the figs: I must admit these figs are rather high quality ones! That ERC-90 F4 is propably one of the best 15mm vehicles Ive ever laid my eyes on: with exception of few small airbubbles there was absolutely no sign of miscast or missing details - and the size is correct! Only major flaw in the vehicle itself were the bubbles in wheels (some bolts missing, not big deal) and rather shoddy gun barrel (as the resin tends to be when shaped like a thin juice straw.. :P), so I decided to rebuilt it. Did it from brass rod&piping, and I used muzzlebrake from the orginal model and tuned that for a bit. And Im quite happy to the result, I try to find some time to basecoat this tomorrow.

The gun barrel rebuilt and comparision to the orginal:

In the event that someone does found the size comparision pics usefull, I also post this shot with Rebel Minisin VIP-fig and Peter Pigs AML-90. I was rather suprised how big the ERC-90 acctually is! The AML-90 looks like some sort of Renault Twingo when placed next to it.. :D

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