sunnuntai 10. helmikuuta 2013

Housing issues & sick leave

I catched a cold (and it became flue) about a week ago and instead of school I had to spent my week in bed. Now Im starting to "regain my powers", so I decided to post small "here n there" stuff I did just before my sick leave.

Not much done, most notably the BTR-60PB moulding is quite much done what it comes into resin parts, and first tester is complete. As it didnt come out as nicely as I would have liked, I had to do some overhauls, but Im quite sure Im not going to fix the mould as my main intention is not to sell them, Im just going to need quite shitload of those for my DDR NVA and Afrikan Republic - and later, for my cold war Finns too. So as I said, the moulding is complete - Thou I was not completely happy to the results (small fails in master, but nothing absolutely horrific - most notable problem is the another side of the lower hull where the wheels should be fixed into, its not completely straight. If I use good superglue, Zap or 3M fex - I have no problem with that as long as I pay enough attention), they will do and Im going to put the few white metal parts into mould during next week. I didnt took any photos about the tester, but heres the master basecoated, in just out of the mould condition.

So some stuff has happened, most notably the fume extractors and handrails along the vehicle. I did do some simplification to the belly of the vehicle, as my moulding techniques aint that sophisticated. As my B-project, Im having 1:100 Mi-2 "hoplite" to be casted before I graduate (hopefully) later this spring. Before that, Im still having shitloads to do, most notably architechtural model (Detailed 1:100 House - my sisters one, to be excat. Im not completely comfortable with the techniques as it should be done mostly from cardboards and prints, Im more into the plastic card and "mechanical" detailing techniques. Also, the Parolas Armoured Museums order is still waiting - 1:16 Ft-17, hull is finished but Im still lacking the track-engines and allmost half of the trackshoes are still uncasted. And of course, last but not least, my "Grand Finale" during the April)

But more:

I re-painted the Gaming Clubs 15mm houses, or at least most of them, Allmost immediatly after applying varnish, I found few more of these babies from box under the gaming tables. I was quite in hurry at that point, so I just left them.. But at least they do look better than before! I should have taken some before/after pics, as the single-toned spray-can issued "sandish" colour didnt look so good at all.

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