torstai 28. maaliskuuta 2013

Its been a while, so..

I ve been busy with my (actual) school works, and on top of that, me and my girlfriend just moved into larger apartment, so the "lil men" have been on a break. Still, I ve managed to do some stuff (mostly cold war tho, but a bit of afrika too) and even managed to pull few hours to finish my UH-1B shown here earlier.


Im quite happy to the result, the camera smoothened up most of the dust lines but Im still happy with it - might need a bit more chips, but I dont want to overdo it like I did with Saracen. Basic colour was aplied with airbrush, other work done with brush.

I also build and applied basic tone into my another (still yet ago unbuilt) Saracen APC, and I must admit that it does look better than the first one. QRFs vehicle itself was quite horrible, there was huge mould line going thrue the wheels (everyone of them!) so I changed them to ones taken from Zvezdas Art of tactics 1/100 Matador AEC as they were excellent quality and were quite similiar.

Last but not least, the "final" TO&E for my merc Section.

Nothing more this time, Im working with the ERC-90s and Rooikat AFVs paint job atm, I hope I can post pics of them sooner than I did post these.. :D

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