torstai 31. lokakuuta 2013

Inflation, Escalation, and so on.

Again, its been way too long since last blog entry, but I havent rested:

Sorry, no pics this time, but something else - Ive been kinda tied down to other projects (both cold war and ultramodern/close future), but I have given some attention to Afrika too. first of all, we are having new gamer, and faction to rumble Mawusian soil.
As I graduated (..and "one of us" started/continued his military service..) my meetings with other fellow Afrika-gamers did become a bit harder, we have still manage to game few matches, ending commonly to victory of the insurgents, though my mercenaries managed to push hard and defeat them in our latests showdown.

But about that new faction:
One of the more arabish tribes of Mawusia has been active for long in areas around great lake, but only after mass-deseration (due to months of unpaid salaries) in local garrison, and after that pseudo-religious faction "Sons of (the) King" ransacked that empty garrisons depot and armory, it become far more serious threat to all conflict belligrents. After multiple requests of laying down their arms and even attempts of disarmament, six peacekeepers had lost their lives and many were wounded. It was only then when UN announced that Sons of King, or SOK or Sierra Kilo as known in military sector, has been added to list of illegal armed forces operating in Mawusia - and as a response, West Prussian UN-Battallion were transferred from the western province to assist local law enforcement and Afrikan UN-units.

But I did have some actuall stuff - again, sorry about my english:

Both UNIFIM (United Nudities Interim Force In Mawusia) and Mercenary (Privateer Security International Ltd.) factions Intelbriefings, in PDF formate, for Force on Force. UNIFIM one includes both,  West-Prussian and "local" (=Afrikan) peacekeepers along local lawenforcement (MRC - Mawusian Royal Constabulary) - the Mercs booklet includes all major formations deployed by Privateer in Mawusian theatre. Please note, that eventhough being labeled as 2.0, this are still under WIP-status, and that will, most likely, explain largest inconsistencies - also, the PDF lacks attribute "Shrinkage" from the MRCs section.

Yeah, links:

Privateer Security International Ltd. - from Dropbox

 UNIFIM - from Dropbox

Also, all graphic material included in those briefings is purely for demontration only and I own no rights towards them etc etc. Though what comes to text, thats completely my own - so please be advised, if you want to spread them from some other source than download-link above, please let me know, or even preferrable, dont do it as my work is still in beta-phase.

I have started working with small MRC-band and around platoon strenght of "local" peace keepers, which shall be mounted in Irish Serbs rather wonderfull looking M3 Armoured Cars - and Im still doing bit of a wrestling with their gear, that APC is sure as hell, but obsolete MBT (as QRF just today informed me via their newsletter that they are going to drop their post war and modern stuffs prices in early november!) is still bit open as Im temptated by Vickers Mk3 or some arab-chieftain (or even Mk2 chieftain!) but also some light-tank support which, a bit sadly, has kept disappearing from battlefields, like AMX-13 and PT-76.

I shall return, and hopefully, with pics!

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